Welcome to Cub Scout Pack #165

We are a Cub Scout Pack located in the DeWitt area of Syracuse, New York.
Our Pack serves boys and their families from several schools: Tecumseh, Moses DeWitt, Holy Cross and some Syracuse City schools.
Regardless of the school you attend, ANY boy in grades 1-5 is welcome to join our Pack.
We are a "family friendly" Pack and encourage parents and siblings to participate in most of the activities we do.

There isĀ lots of fun and adventure through the activities with our Dens and Pack.
But there's more to it than that. Being a Cub Scout means you are a member of a worldwide youth movement that stands for certain values and beliefs.
Cub Scouting is more than something to do. It's all about the boy you are and the person you will become.

Some of the best things about Cub Scouting are the activities you get to do: camping, hiking, racing model boats and cars, going on fieldĀ trips, or doing projects that help your hometown and the people who live there.
Cub Scouting means "doing."

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Current News...

Posted on Sep 19 2016 - 11:16pm

Tuesday, September 20th @ Tecumseh Elementary (cafeteria) at 6:30pm is our first Pack Meeting of the year!

Setup: Webelos 2

Opening: Webelos 2

Announcements: Cubmaster, Committee Chair, Popcorn Kernal

Ice breakers & Activities: (We will pair scouts up from different dens and they will take turns introducing each other and telling the Pack about something fun the other did over the summer, followed by some relay and team races to burn off some energy!)

Snack: Webelos 1

Closing: Wolves

Takedown: Bears


~There are many areas that the Pack needs parent help! From keeping minutes at the committee meetings, helping to keep the website and calendar info current, to managing new member applications in the fall...there are lots of important "small" jobs that keep the pack running. Please check with your den leader to see how you can help!

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