Welcome to Cub Scout Pack #165 (Syracuse / Jamesville / DeWitt)

Cub Scout Pack #165 serves boys & their families from several schools:
Tecumseh, Moses DeWitt, Manlius Pebble Hill, Holy Cross, and some Syracuse City schools.
Regardless of the school you attend, ANY boy grade 1-5 is welcome to join our Pack.

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Boys are welcome to join at any time!
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Posted on Jun 10 2014 - 10:05am

1) Boys are NOT to go into the gym to play before or after the meeting, unless specifically instructed by Cubmaster Ridzi.
2) Boys are NOT permitted to go up on the stage or behind the curtain, unless specifically instructed by
the Den Leader to practice a skit/song.
3) NO RUNNING in the cafeteria or in the hallways.
4) Upon entering the cafeteria, your son should go to their Den table,
check in with their Den Leader, and wait for the meeting to begin.


Be alert for ticks!
We have an enormous deer population roaming through the east side.
They bring with them ticks.
Several have been found in grassy areas of JD schools...especially areas closest to woods.
They can even be in your backyard!

What does one look like?
Tiny! They are a member of the arachnid (spider) family.
Here is a picture of one on a thumb:
Topical treatments with permethrin are the best (DEET is better for repelling mosquitoes).
Natural topical treatments that may work are EcoSmart (avail at BJs & drugstores).
At the end of the day, change clothes/bathe! (this is the simplest thing to do)
I found a tick...now what?
Don't panic!
Ticks don't bite right away like mosquitoes.
A tick bite doesn't mean you'll get Lyme disease.
Get a "Tick Key" (LL Bean store) -- they work VERY well to remove ticks from pets/people.
DON'T use heat or pinch/break off the tick.
For ticks that have been attached to you 24+ hrs OR a bulls-eye rash develops, see your doctor.

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13 - Final Pack mtg. Come celebrate all our accomplishments!

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